Golf Betting Tips: Profit Summary

At Love Winners we've a long established pedigree over a wide range of sports, but one of our mainstays continues to be tipping on golf. Our Golf Betting Tips cover the PGA Tour, all four Majors and the Ryder Cup.

Six Years of Tipping - Six Years of Winning

Year PnL to £5 ROI %
2012 £777.03 8%
2013 £213.83 3%
2014 £352.55 5%
2015 £571.88 11%
2016 £422.00 16%
2017 £413.15 7%
Total £2750.43 7%

Golf tips first appeared in 2012 and have turned a healthy profit every year.

Two Ways to Win - and win BIG

Type PnL to £5 ROI %
Golfers to Follow £1055.43 16%
Golfers to Oppose £1695.00 5%
Total £2750.43 7%

If you like booting home big priced winners and bragging about spectacular returns on your investment, then backing our 'Follow' golfers each week is the service for you, with a lifetime average ROI of 16%.

We've had winners at 66/1, 50/1 ... in fact we've tipped TWELVE winners at 33/1 or greater. We're knocking on the door for even BIGGER wins though, as last year alone we had golfers place at triple figures (100/1, 150/1, 100/1).

If you prefer to sit on the other side of the fence and churn out regular & consistent profits by laying then we provide five Golfers to Oppose each event. As with all laying, the ROIs are lower - but the gross profits earned have been fantastic - with £1700 earned to just £5 stakes.

In the last three years we've opposed 241 golfers and only laid THREE winners (33/1, 7/1, 8/1).

2018 Starts Today

Our Golf tipster is on the tee and ready to take his first swing at 2018. He's already published his tips for the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship.

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