NFL Outright Picks Update

We're already in to Week 15 of the NFL Regular Season so it's time to check in on our Outright selections, published before Round 1. Year in and Year out, our Gridiron guru finds sensational pre-season value, and this season has been no different.


1pt Seahawks to win the Superbowl at 11/1: Now 20/1

1pt Seahawks to win the NFC at 11/2: Now 8/1
1pt Titans to win the AFC at 20/1: Now 25/1

1pt Titans to win AFC South at 9/5: Now 2/1
1pt Chargers to win AFC West at 24/5: Now 6/4
1pt Eagles to win NFC East at 15/4: WON
2pt Vikings to win NFC North at 7/2: Now 1/25

2pts Over 6.5 Chargers Season wins at 4/6: WON
2pts Under 9.5 Raiders wins at 8/11: WON
3pts Over 5.5 Bears wins at 10/11: 4 so far
2pts Under 10.5 Packers wins at 4/6: WON
2pts Over 8.5 Eagles wins at 17/20: WON

All our tips are either still alive, in great position, or already a winner.