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Since we started tipping in May 2011 our Premium Service has won over 1850 points profit at a return on investment of over 10.7%.
If you'd placed £5 on every tip you'd have returned a profit of over £9,300.

Betting is more fun when you're winning.

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Our Premium Service is home to The Flyer's Horse Racing Tips.

The Flyer has been churning out consistent profits for over four years now, and his new specialised approach is already boosting his originally impressive ROI %s to even greater returns.

As part of your subscription to our award winning racing service,  you will also receive our prolific GolfTennisNFL and Gaelic Sports tips free of charge.

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The Secret Betting Club is the most trusted independent tipster review service online, and they have been proofing our selections since 2012.

In 2013 they published their first review of our service (which was then known as GT Tips). Extracts of their review have been published below.

On the left we have some customer feedback we've received over the years. Hit us up on twitter or email if you'd like to leave your own feedback for us.

If you would like a copy of our PnL spreadsheet, which has a record of all the tips we've ever published, then please get in touch with our admin team.

Award Winning

Following an extended period of proofing (over 1000 bets) the Secret Betting Club published their review of our Premium Service (then called 'GT Tips') and added us to their Tipster League Tables.

We are the... 'Low Cost Racing Service' 'All Time Sports Service' 'All Time Sports Service After Fees' 'Low Cost Sports Service'

...and a few months later they inducted us in to their 'Hall of Fame'.

SBC_HOFContact us if you'd like a copy of the review in full.

"...we wade through a lot of bad tipsters to find the occasional gem and I think we've uncovered another 'diamond' tipster service.

"They are called GT Tips (now Love Winners) and have all the classic ingredients of a top tipster service. Professionally run, easy to follow, affordable and of course - excellent results.

"The service has a lot to recommend about it ... we think that GT Tips offers excellent value for money, and it worth serious consideration for anyone looking to expand the breadth of their betting portfolio.

"Service Rating: Recommend."