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American Football Betting Tips: Profit Summary

Last week we published a profit summary for our Golf Betting Tips - which outlined the all-time track record of all our selections for the sport. This week, we're putting our American Football Betting Tips under the microscope.

Five Consecutive Years of Profit 

Season Start PnL to £5 ROI %
2013 £183.65 15%
2014 £23.13 3%
2015 £139.10 20%
2016 £8.35 1%
2017 £26.10 3%
Total £380.32 9%

After a slow start in 2012 it's been smooth sailing for our NFL & College Football tipster, or 'Gridiron Guru' as he's often called.

The great advantage of NFL Tipping is that prices are freely available to anyone - for as big a stake as you want. This is unparalleled in the Sports Betting world, outside of football betting.

To return a 9% ROI over such a long period is an incredibly impressive performance.

Consistent Profits across Bet Types

Bet Type PnL to £5 ROI %
Money Line £88.35 10%
Total Points £84.50 20%
Outright £162.90 34%
Props £10.48 7%
Total £346.22 18%

Here we can start to see where our NFL tips have enjoyed the most success. Ante-Post & Outright picks have always been the jewel in the crown of our Gridiron Guru - and that's backed up in the startlingly high ROI of 34% profit.

But he's also strong on the bread & butter markets, like his point spread tips (also called handicaps), including this stunning Sunday where all seven point spread selections were winners.

On the point spread market he's made a profit each of the last three seasons, for a PnL of £89.75 (to £5 bets) at an ROI of 5.9%.

In that time his strike rate is 94 wins - 3 push - 69 loss. 

The reason we call him our 'American Football' tipster rather than NFL tipster, is because he occasionally dips his toe in the College Football (NCAAF) Betting Markets.

...and it's easy to see why, as he's returned a £85.95 profit (to £5 bets) at a sky-high ROI of 24.6% profit. 

Each year for the Superbowl our tipster advises special Player Prop and Match Prop tips for the big dance - often with notable success. Two seasons ago he landed Von Miller to take the MVP award, at a whopping 25/1.

Those tips will be going live this week.

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